ABA Courses for Behavior Analysts

Not all behavior analysts are created equally, have the same training opportunities, or have the confidence needed to meet the demands of the field. For example, obtaining the courses or degree needed to get certified in behavior analysis is the first step. Passing the certification exam is the next. ABA requires skill, which means you or your BCBAs need practice and plenty of it. But not only practice, proficiency too.

Customized ABA Training and Enrichment Programs

Shape U can assess skills of practicing behavior analysts in their area of practice and give you a customized suggested training plan to help BCBAs become more confident in their daily business dealings.

Also, we have more in-depthtraining for those BCBAs with limited experience or who are newly certified. Specific skill sets and proficiencies are needed for you or your behavior analytic professionals to be able to confidently provide effective services on a day-to-day basis.

Shape U provides training that gives BCBAs these important skills and can be individualized. Our training programs are conducted by experienced professionals who have proven success in the field of behavior analysis. Let us help you become the best professional you can become in your field.

Our trainings are offered frequently and at various times to accommodate the busy schedule of the today's behavior analysts. We also offer trainings online via webinars for your convenience. To schedule a training today, click here.

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